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The Official Ferrari Magazine

Unquestionably the world's most famous and prestigious automotive brand, Ferrari automobiles are the embodiment of cutting edge technology.  The Official Ferrari Magazine features groundbreaking articles and commentaries by high-profile writers on all matters of interest to Ferrari - reaching high net worth individuals, and people with a passion for excellence and beauty in every area of their lives.  From homes and travel experiences to luxury goods and accessories, The Official Ferrari Magazine mirrors the elegance of the Ferrari brand.

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Published - 3X per year 

Distribution - 50,000 Ferrari owners worldwide

Median Age - 55

Median Net Worth - $15 million +

HHI - $1,000,000 +

2020 DATES

May 2020 - Published Mar 13,2020

August 2020 - Published June 12, 2020

December 2020 - Published September 11, 2020


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