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Mercedes-Benz Canada

Taking its readers on a journey of pure luxury, excitement and innovation, Mercedes-Benz Magazine represents a unique and exclusive extension of the Mercedes-Benz experience.  


Like every Mercedes-Benz, each issue of Mercedes-Benz Magazine strives to be evocative, provocative and emotional. Mercedes-Benz Magazine maintains an underlying philosophy of engaging storytelling, dynamic photography and high credibility. In addition to “sneak peeks” at upcoming Mercedes-Benz designs that have not yet been made public, Mercedes-Benz Magazine brings the worlds of travel, architecture, design, technology, fashion, arts and culture to the homes of its owners—the most discerning drivers (and readers) in the country.


Published - 2X per year 

Distribution - 104,000 Mercedes owners in Canada

Median Age - 46

Male-Female - 60%-40%

HHI - $200,000 +

2016 DATES

Spring 2016 - Published May 16th

Fall 2016 - Published November 14th


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