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Luxury Magazine 

Luxury Magazine, the quarterly publication available exclusively to holders of the Luxury Card by Master Card.  Both timely and evergreen in its appeal, each story aims to expand on cardmembers’ already wide array of interests and passions. Every issue covers a broad range of categories showcasing bespoke products and services—from travel and fashion to home design, real estate, transportation, and technology.  And a distinguishable feature of our signature publication is that every issue also showcases an artist’s work as the cover art, delivering Cardmembers a limited-edition collector’s item. Luxury Magazine is the ideal publication for the sought-after demographic of sophisticated individuals. 


Published - 4X per year 

Distribution - 100,000+ Luxury Card holders

Median Age - 42

Male-Female - 51%-49

HHI - $415,000

2017 DATES

Spring 2017 - Published March 1st

Summer 2017 - Published June 1st

Autumn 2017 - Published August 1st

Winter 2017 - Published November 1st

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