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Jaguar Magazine

Who reads Jaguar Magazine? Jaguar owners and everyone who feels part of the world of Jaguar.  This target audience is an individualist, a game-changer and always reaching for more. They have ambition and vision and appreciate innovative design and luxury. Jaguar magazine readers are intelligent and highly educated.  They have money to spend – but spend discernably.  Someone inspired. Someone who feels ALIVE. 


State-of-the-art design and a wide range of topics from science, lifestyle and technology, to art and film. The new Jaguar Magazine excites, inspires and seduces its readers with in-depth quality journalism and unique artwork. 


Published - 2X per year 

Distribution - 241,800 Jaguar households globally

Media Age - 53

HHI - $250,000 +


2020 DATES

Spring/Summer 2020 - Published May 2020

Fall 2020 - Published November 2020


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