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Four Seasons Mobile App


A multimedia mobile recommendation amenity for guests of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  Four Seasons Recommends puts you close to Four Seasons guests, as a recommendation of their trusted four seasons hotel property, at the moments they are making purchasing decisions. 


Four Seasons Recommends is a centerpiece of the new four seasons mobile app offered by Four Seasons properties worldwide featuring only their finest recommendations to guests.  Directly coordinated with the concierge team and entire hotel staff, Four Seasons Recommends showcases only the finest experiences each property carefully selects to appeal to guests during their stay.  Fully Integrated into each four seasons property’s hotel services, recommendations are highly relevant to a guest’s stay and accessible 24/7. 


Four Seasons Hotels - 91

Cities - 80

Mood Offerings - Shopping, Dining, Wellness, Kids & Fun,                                           Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Fresh                                                 Air, Jewelry, Time Pieces, After Dark,                                                 Exploring, Sports, Beauty, Real Estate &                                             Home, Wine & Drinks, etc. 


Recommendation Updates - In real time year-round

Target Customization - Four Seasons world wide Collections of properties by property 

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