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Four Seasons Magazine

Four Seasons Magazine brings to life the values and vision of Four Seasons and the discriminating luxury traveler. It shares the perspectives of professional storytellers, artists and experts from many different walks of life and parts of the world. Stories welcome readers to share the wonder of experiencing the world—and all its many iterations of culture, cuisine, nature, innovation, style and leisure. The magazine is a worldly, warm, entertaining, energetic and sophisticated companion. 


Published - 4X per year 

Readership - 1.1 million worldwide

Median Age - 41

Male-Female - 55%-45%

HHI - $479,000

2016 DATES

Spring 2016 - Published March 11th

Summer 2016 - Published June 10th

Autumn 2016 - Published September 2nd

Winter 2016 - Published December 2nd

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