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Experience Magazine

Bombardier is a world leader in aviation, producing the Learjet, Challenger and Global brands of private aircraft. Owners of these celebrated jets receive Experience at their homes and C-Suite offices by way of a carefully guarded distribution list. To appear in the pages of Experience is to receive a personal invitation into the lives of the wealthiest demographic on earth.  The editorial and design of the magazine reflect the global savvy of this readership, exploring an elite world of innovation, design, travel, gastronomy, fashion and philanthropy reserved only for those with the financial capacity to acquire the best that the world has to offer.


Published - 2X per year 

Distribution - 13,500 private jet owners.

Average Age - 54

Male-Female - 98%-2%

Personal Investable Assets - $50 mllion

2017 DATES

Spring 2017 - Published May 23rd

Fall 2017 - Published November 20th

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