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Delta Sky Magazine

Delta Sky’s new look blends the beauty and allure of travel with smart and compelling content, giving readers thought- provoking insight about the people, places and companies that are making things happen around the globe. The magazine features business and leisure travel content in an engaging way, with a clear link to Delta’s business activities and in the best interest of the airline’s HVC (high value customers). Travel is their likelihood and their escape, and Delta Sky speaks their language: Business meets travel: a more business-focused section that includes a mix of business travel content and business/technology content, gizmos and gadgets to make the experience better for the business traveler and deeper focus on leisure travel couples with popular cultural trends and personalities. 


Published - 12X per year 

Distribution - 602,000 

Median Age - 44

Male-Female - 55%-45%

HHI - $120,700

2016 DATES

January 2016 - On Board January 1st

February 2016 - On Board February 1st

March 2016 - On Board March 1st

April 2016 - On Board April 1st

May 2016 - On Board May 1st

June 2016 - On Board June 1st

July 2016 - On Board July 1st

August 2016 - On Board August 1st

September 2016 - On Board Sep 1st

October 2016 - On Board Oct 1st

November 2016 - On Board Nov 1st

December 2016 - On Board Dec 1st

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