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Bugatti Ettore Magazine

Ettore Bugatti followed his passion to create perfect automobiles ever since he created his first engineering composition at the age of 17 years old in 1898. In 1909, Ettore forever changed the world of car manufacturing when he decided to create his own path and own legend. He turned engineering into a form of art, striving for perfection on all levels like no one else.   The eponymous Ettore Magazine is not only a tribute to this automotive visionary, but a printed homage to the aerodynamic brilliance of each of the brands creations.

Bugatti Cover.JPG

Published - 2X per year 

Distribution - 1,000 Bugatti owners in worldwide.

Median Age - 54

Male-Female - 91%-1%

Average Net Worth - $400 million

2020 DATES

Spring 2020 (#25) - Published March 6th 2020

Fall 2020 (#26) - Published November 3rd 2020

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