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Bugatti Ettore Magazine

BMW Magazine regards design as more than just curves and lines.  They see it as a means to create emotion.  It's what makes a BMW every bit as oyful to look at as it is to drive.  Its five thousand individual parts packed into a V8 engine that weighs just 95 kilograms are the mark of enginerring genius.  As it navigates its way through the worlds cities, BMW Magazine whisks its readers to exclusive hotels, clubs, and intriguing venues.  With inspiring aesthetic and stylish features, BMW Magazine views the world as a place where creative ideas, infectious personalities, and the latest trends stimulate drive and excitement.


Published - 2X per year 

Distribution - 750,000 BMW owners in North America

Median Age - 49

Male-Female - 55%-45%

HHI - $250,000 +

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