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Air Canada En Route Magazine

Air Canada enRoute Magazine is an award-winning travel lifestyle publication that speaks directly to its on-the-go readership. Featuring prominent Canadian as well as internationally recognized writers, photographers and illustrators, the magazine is a point of reference in the Canadian market. Read by the country’s top business decision-makers and influencers, Air Canada enRoute is considered a benchmark among inflight publications, featuring ahead-of-trend practical sections such as Passport and 360°, which offers our readers the latest information from Air Canada, along with engaging and thought-provoking features that showcase the best of Canada and the world.

2016 DATES

Published - 12X per year 

Readership - 1.5 million per issue

Median Age - 49

Male-Female - 55%-45%

HHI - $115,000

January 2016 - On Board January 1st

February 2016 - On Board February 1st

March 2016 - On Board March 1st

April 2016 - On Board April 1st

May 2016 - On Board May 1st

June 2016 - On Board June 1st

July 2016 - On Board July 1st

August 2016 - On Board August 1st

September 2016 - On Board Sep 1st

October 2016 - On Board Oct 1st

November 2016 - On Board Nov 1st

December 2016 - On Board Dec 1st

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